WidgetFX is an open-source desktop widget platform written from the ground up in the JavaFX Script language. It can run widgets written in JavaFX Script and Java and takes advantage of the latest features of the Java Platform.

Key Features:
  • Open-Source - WidgetFX is a fully open-source widget platform (widgets themselves can be licensed commercially).
  • Cross-Platform Support - WidgetFX runs on all major platforms including Windows XP/Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • One-Click Installation - WidgetFX takes advantage of Java Web Start to provide one-click installation and automatic updates of the dock and widgets.
  • Rich Desktop Applications - WidgetFX leverages the full power of Java and JavaFX providing a very rich library of graphics, animation, and media capabilities.

Prerequisites: WidgetFX requires Java SE 6 or higher. For best results Install Java 6 prior to running.
Download SDK
WidgetFX 1.1 Release

This release has been updated to work with JavaFX 1.1, and has many enhancements including:
  • Dock and Widget Skinning Support
  • New Dock Theme (kudos to Mark Dingman)
  • Embedded Flash/Flex Widgets
  • SlideShow Scaling Improvements
  • Performance Enhancements and Many Bugfixes!

For more information visit the WidgetFX Project Website